Doors in Home Decor and Renovation

A door renovation in a kitchen or bathroom is sometimes recommended during a cabinet refinishing project. Refinishing both at the same time is an excellent means to create a cohesive look in the room, offering a highly desirable outcome.

Here we discusse.

French doors

French doors

Interior doors

Interior doors have several functions in a home setting. Closing an interior door will create instant privacy, as well as a sound and light barrier.

French doors

A French door is one which is comprised mostly of panes of glass, either a large single or in sets (4, 8, or 12 are popular) called lites which are at even intervals from top to bottom into the door. French doors are often installed in sets of two. They are never larger than an average door and offer abundant light into a home.

When French doors are used as exterior doors, they’re equipped with impact-rated glass, which is capable of holding its own during a hurricane, or at the hands of a would-be thief, many of whom can be seen on popular YouTube videos being pelted by the return of objects thrown at the glass.

French doors are available in pine, cedar, oak, mahogany, and other woods, in addition to those which are made of metal or fiberglass when high security is needed.

French doors can also be used as interior doors to block sound, but not to create privacy or block light.

Double doors

Double doors can be either interior or exterior doors. As with many French doors, double doors are side by side. For the exterior, they are made to be sturdy and offer wide entry. Some will have a single pane of glass, either frosted or otherwise conditioned for privacy.

Interior double doors are generally used in a home office or den situation, where the position of the doors can indicate either openness of privacy.

Interior sliding doors

Sliding doors in the interior are an excellent alternative when the wall space is available, and the area required to open a door is not available or desirable in the room. Examples of sliding doors are pocket doors and barn doors.

Folding doors

Folding doors are dramatic in areas where there isn’t enough space for opening and closing a regular door, but where there isn’t ample wall space for a sliding door. Folding doors equipped with glass panels can feature either frosted or otherwise enhanced glass.

During the process of a refinishing project, a homeowner should seriously consider having the doors or other wood elements in the room refinished as well. Alternatively, having all of the doors in a home refinished is a worthwhile investment which will create continuity and uniformity throughout the home.

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