A Bathroom Renovation for the Holidays


Other than the kitchen, there are few places in our home which give us more social angst than our bathrooms. The cost of remodeling a bathroom can be astonishing. But, when we want our house to look it’s best, paint, refinishing, or remodeling of the bathroom cabinetry can be an ideal solution.

Even a small bathroom can benefit, whether the homeowner wants a new look for the cabinets, a vanity added, or better shelving.

Paint or refinish?

A homeowner may decide to refinish existing bathroom woodwork or paint the cabinets and drawers. It's a personal choice, somewhat bound to the look of the rest of the house, since a certain amount of continuity appeals to the eye. After all, a sleek, modern bathroom will look a bit out of place in an old, historic building.

Nonetheless, even an older home can look very upscale if the woodwork is handled by an expert who knows how to make various elements in the bathroom complement one another.

Contributing features

While the main show of a bathroom is the cabinets, the baseboard, window sills, door casing, and other features add to the seamless look of the result. The proper treatment of these will often have a better effect than hiring a contractor to replace the existing counter and cabinets.


Before undertaking the renovation of a bathroom, it’s essential to consult with people who understand not only what the homeowners want as far as what they’re trying to achieve, but also what they already have regarding wood type, hardware, and other features. In some cases, just changing one or more of these elements can produce a final result which is much more integral and high-end than a complete remodel can achieve.


There are very few things more frustrating in a bathroom than a lack of storage. Which storage can contribute wonderfully to convenience in a bathroom, it rarely offers an equal measure of pizzazz regarding looks in the bathroom. SO, there is a balance which has to be sought during the renovation. Looks and convenience are also key considerations when hiring an expert in restoration. Having been down this same road many times, they are in a unique position to make the maximum use of space while still offering the final look.

If you’re having guests for the holidays and want your bathroom to look it’s best, consider having an expert work with you so that you can turn your dreams into a reality and give your guests the ultimate in comfort and style in the bathroom when they arrive for their holiday visit.

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