Window Sills and Frames

Window sills are one of those features which turn a bare, ugly drywall finish into an object of beauty and interest. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons that window sills and frames are a worthwhile endeavor.

The window sill is the shelf part of the window, the flat piece which lies parallel to the floor on the bottom part of the window. It’s where you put the knick-knacks or lean your elbows when you’re gazing out the window.

Even the presence of a sill adds charm to the rough window.

Even the presence of a sill adds charm to the rough window.

The frame is the wood decoration around the window exclusive of the sill. This part, combined with the sill, add structural strength and weather protection to the window. They’re also beautiful.

Windows are ubiquitous

One thing you’ve probably noticed is that windows are in every possible room of the house. A room without a window is an oddity, not the norm. People love the natural light in a room, like the way it makes the room look and feel, and enjoy the view from a window, so much so that a ‘corner office,’ with windows on two sides, is highly coveted. Window sills and frames in every room create a repetitive feature, thereby establishing a style in every room. Even within the same home, more formal rooms can have more wood elements and still retain the unified look offered by the sill and frame.

Adds architectural interest

Plain drywall windows are unattractive. There’s no other way to describe them, and they’re suitable in the most minimalist situations, but face it--unless you live in an adobe-style house in the middle of an Arizona desert, drywall windows are a snoozefest. Which then begs the next question: what to choose in window sills and frames?


One of the easiest ways to choose a window sill and frame is to match the existing molding of the room. If a homeowner wants to upgrade their window frame, it may be worthwhile to improve the molding in the entire place to match, but it’s also important to honor the architectural style of the home. (Remember our Arizona adobe house? No frilly Victorian molding for them!)

The goal

The goal of beautiful window sills and frames is that they add architectural gravitas to a home, and at the same time are aesthetically pleasing structural elements which provide strength to the window and surrounding area.

Also, window sills and frames, professionally done, add ambiance to a home, thereby increasing the value and adding comfort to those who live within.

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