Old Home Restoration

We love the opportunity to do major wood restoration of older homes!

The metro Portland area is rich with beautiful vintage homes. The ample presence of wood in these houses—from doors and floors and built-in cabinetry to windowsills, railings, baseboards, and moldings—makes for a particular warmth and visual appeal.  It calls one back to earlier times when natural materials and real craftsmanship were valued over the more man-made aesthetics of today. When that wood is scratched and faded, and the elegance of age has turned the corner to ‘seen its better days,’ it’s hard to ignore. With expert care and an artisan’s respect, TWD will return a vibrant shine to wood. Wood is where we can kick into gear and restore not just a unique feature but the character and former grandeur of your entire home.

It’s a privilege to be part of this kind of transformation, unlocking the period beauty that permeates a place when tended to on this scale. We share in the stewardship of these older homes, helping to revive them, over time, by making such a project surprisingly affordable—with immediate rewards in the revitalized look and feel of your surroundings, and the lasting satisfaction of a sound investment.

We have Smartphones, Uber rides, video games and other forms of modern technology which pervade our everyday life. These things bring us comfort, easy living, and fun. But, a meticulously rejuvenated home holds a timeless value, as a testament to the former quality and appeal of wood craftsmanship instead of the slapdash of newer stucco and laminate.


Once a homeowner has decided to restore or renovate the wood elements of a home, it’s essential to find an expert who understands the preservation of different types of wood and products, what kinds of rejuvenation are possible under the circumstances offered, and how to apply these to provide an optimal outcome. 

Also, we can explain what options are available to the homeowner. Because wood specialists work in the craft all the time, they keep abreast of new products and techniques in an Old World craft.

We will also guide the homeowner away from potential remodeling disasters. Some types of wood don’t readily lend themselves to specific treatments, something which has been learned over the years through trial and error. By having the benefit of that knowledge, we can keep the remodeling project on a fast track.

If you’re considering remodeling your older Portland home, call The Wood Doctor before you turn the bulk of a project over to a regular remodeling company.  Those old wood elements deserve the very best you can give them because it’s the details which are going to make your home stand out among others. 

The Wood Doctor is the leader in wood restoration, refinishing and refacing in the Portland area. Call 503-560-5220 for a project consultation.