Attention to a Ceiling Can Enhance a Restoration

Ceilings are often ignored as part of a restoration process, but refinishing ceiling components can give a room a whole new look. Here we explain some of the essential elements of a decorative ceiling and how they can enhance your next renovation.

Crown molding

Crown molding can be thought of as ‘baseboard for the ceiling.’ It comes in many rich and beautiful styles, and often when people think of luxury, crown molding is what comes to mind. Restoration or refinishing crown molding will give the ceiling a whole new appeal.

Ceiling medallions

An expert can guide you through the process of getting the look you want.

An expert can guide you through the process of getting the look you want.

Ceiling medallions are generally used to highlight a light fixture, such as a chandelier, by accenting them with a decorative element. The ceiling medallion is also often complementary to the crown molding, creating an impressive statement. There is an enormous number of choices in ceiling medallions, each of which produces a different feeling.

Ceiling tile

Ceiling tiles are another element which comes in a variety of materials and patterns. For purposes of restoration, the vintage, old-world appeal of wood ceiling tiles is unmistakable. As with other types of wood restoration, tile panels can be refinished and restored until they regain their former glory.

Coffered ceilings

A coffered ceiling creates depth and a multi-dimensional effect to a ceiling which transforms a whole room. Coffered ceilings are best in rooms which already have a tall ceiling, but even in a place with standard ceiling heights, a gently coffered ceiling will make a room pop with energy. Coffered ceilings are sometimes integrated with wall panels or beams to create a balanced, integrated look.

Regardless of what kind of ceiling elements are already in place, the restoration or refinishing of ceiling woodwork such as those described will create a new look in the room. It can be cozy and intimate, or fresh and elegant, depending on the treatment of the ceiling components.

Working with a wood restoration company will help the homeowner achieve the best possible results with not only the ceiling elements which are in place but also to create the architectural feel in the room which is complementary to the rest of the home.

While many ceiling features were part of the turn of the century style, there is no reason they can’t be added to a more modern home and achieve a fresh, new look. The essential thing is not to overlook a ceiling during a renovation or restoration project, regardless of the period style or current elements of the project.

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