The beauty of finely-crafted wood is like no other

The features in a home which are comprised of wood bring nature into the home.  Since home restoration is a process, not a project, many people choose to make changes room by room or step-by-step rather than all at once.



There is a reason that banisters are often the focus of theatrical productions: nothing is so prominent in the home as a majestic staircase, particularly one which has been lovingly crafted or re-crafted.



Window casements, aprons, and crown moldings can create windows which not only provide a gorgeous frame from which to view the word, but are also artistic in their own right. 



Let us create or restore your fireplace mantel, since the hearth is the heart of a home. Options include rustic or polished, painted or natural, and can include corbels and custom crowns.


Other things we do

-- Interior woodwork floor to ceiling
-- Window sills
-- Wainscoting
-- Wood Framing
-- Baseboards
-- Chair rails
-- Door Frames and interior doors
-- Built-in shelving, bookcases, and more!

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