Sun-Damaged Front Door

Another great project!  The Wood Doctor was called in to remedy a badly sun-damaged front door.  The wood had faded so severely that it had taken on a yellowish hue—not the warmest welcome.  The home had been purchased some time before with the door in this condition, and the owners had just been living with it like that, in the way that we all live with certain things we don’t like but let ourselves get used to, lowering our expectations rather than trying to make a change.  The home owners had contacted us, previously, to restore their cabinets, then hired us back to see what we could do for the door.  We stripped off the old finish and re-stained the wood to its original fir color—much more inviting.  The owners were amazed at the transformation, and a little amazement is a nice way to end any transaction.  That and, sometimes, with a lesson, which I think, here, would be that it’s never too late to shine attention on what has been neglected…and reap the positive results.