Restoring Old Wood

Do you need to restore old word? Doing this project yourself isn’t easy but here are some tips for restoring old word items in your home.


For every piece of furniture that you want to restore it’s important that the wood is as clean as possible before you restore it. Remove dust, oil, and dirt from the wood that has accumulated over the years in the furniture. A good cleaning might be all the wood really needs for it to look almost like new again. Use basic oil cleaners for this project which you can buy in nay home improvement store. Be sure to use a soft sponge or cloth for the job and use strokes that go against the grain of the wood. Allow your cleaner to dry before you wipe off with another clean cloth. You might need to do this several times depending on the state of the wood.

If wood cleaners don’t seem to work you can use some warm water and a bit of oil soap or detergent. Apply a bit at a time and rinse it off and dry it so the water doesn’t damage the wood. These are some of the A good cleaning is one of the first steps to restoring old wood so it looks like new again.

Common Problems That Require Restoration

  • Gouges and deep cracks that run down the wood
  • Dark spots showing through the finish
  • Sticky finish even after it has been cleaned
  • Finish is flaking off of the wood in spots
  • You want a new color in the furniture

Sometimes you might just want to retouch the wood to bring out the best in the furniture but sometimes you’ll be restoring old word fully it all depends upon what you want to do.


Restoring the entire finish is probably the biggest project that you might need to do. To complete this job you’ll need to remove the entire finish with a chemical stripper. You’ll need to use goggle and gloves for safety reasons as the chemicals are harsh. After the wood has been stripped a good sanding will leave it smooth and ready for the new finish to be applied.

Finding Experts

Sometimes restoring old wood might be too large of a project for you to do on your own such as a floor or other large project. You should look to experts to help you get the job done in the right one. Experts also have all the tool, techniques, and expertise to finish the job in the right way. If you do the project on your own you run the risk of making some mistakes as you work. Restoration experts will get the job done in the right way.

Look for companies that have been restoring wood for a long time and try to get some solid references from them. You want to make sure you find a company that can take on your project and has the knowledge to get the job done for you. Doing some solid research is recommended before you hire anyone to help you with restoring old wood furniture or floors.