Refinishing Wood Services

Refinishing involves the use of a stripping agent to completely remove the old finish right down to bare wood. This allows new stains to be applied and is the process one would choose to change the color of the wood.

Kitchen / Bathroom Cabinets
We begin by removing cabinet doors and drawers, and then mask off the main work areas including an additional area we set up in a section of your garage. Then we strip the wood of the old finish, using an eco-friendly stripping agent, and thoroughly sand all the wood surfaces (this includes both the fronts and backs of cabinet doors, the drawers, and the ‘styles’ or ‘boxes’ to which the doors attach). The color stain is then designed, with your participation, so that we can be sure to match your ideal shade. After the stain is applied, we reassemble your kitchen/bathroom and apply multiple coats of long-lasting, heavy-duty UV-protected polyurethane finish. Now you have a completely transformed kitchen/bathroom with a brand new, upgraded look. This process really breathes life back into the wood and into the feel of the entire room. Lastly, we thoroughly clean up the kitchen/bathroom and garage—you’ll never know we were there!
This is usually a 3- to 5-day process.

Wood Restoration Services

Restoration is a process by which time-worn wood is returned to its natural state of beauty. It differs from refinishing in that the finish is not completely removed.

Kitchen / Bathroom Cabinets
First, we mask off the entire work area. We use a water-based cleanser and degreaser to thoroughly remove all layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the years. We then abrade the cabinet surfaces (this includes both the fronts and backs of cabinet doors, the drawers, and the ‘styles’ or ‘boxes’ to which the doors attach) with 400-grit sandpaper, smoothing down worn, rough areas to allow for optimum adhesion of the new finish. We return to the areas of greater distress and sand them more aggressively to rid them of damage and wear. Then we create a custom color especially for your kitchen or bathroom and apply it to all surfaces of the wood. This repairs the damaged wood and rejuvenates it, bringing back all of its natural beauty. Now, the finishing process begins. We apply multiple coats of heavy-duty UV-protected waterborne polyurethane, sanding between coats with 600-grit sandpaper to maximize adhesion and smoothness. The end-result is a gorgeous kitchen or bathroom which will maintain this newly revitalized and dazzling appearance for many, many years.
This is usually a 1 to 2-day process.

Wood Floors
Restoration of floors is appropriate when there is only moderate damage to the wood. ‘Screen and coat’ is a great money- and time-saving alternative to complete floor sanding and a great option if you’re wanting to return your wood to its original brightness or to ‘fix it up’ before selling your home. Again, we start by cleaning the wood with a cleanser/degreaser to remove all dirt and contaminants right down to the grain. Then we use an abrasive screen to do a sanding which gets out all surface scratches and scuffs. After the floor is thoroughly vacuumed and damp-mopped to get rid of dust, we apply two coats of heavy-duty and longlasting UV-protected waterborne polyurethane floor finish to restore your floor to its original luster while sealing and protecting it from future wear and tear. This is the same finish we use in our complete refinishing process.
This is usually a 1-day process.

Vintage Home Restoration
The metro Portland area is rich with fine vintage homes. The ample presence of wood in these houses—from doors and floors and built-in cabinetry to windowsills, banisters, baseboards and moldings—makes for a particular warmth and visual appeal that calls one back to earlier times when natural materials and real craftsmanship were valued over the more man-made aesthetics of today. When that wood is scratched and faded and the elegance of age has turned the corner to ‘seen its better days’, it’s hard to ignore. With expert care and an artisan’s respect, TWD will return a youthful shine to wood that has served you well; it’s where we can really kick into gear and restore not just a singular feature but the character, truly, of your entire home.

It’s a privilege to be part of this kind of transformation, unlocking the period beauty that pervades a place when tended to on this scale. We share in the stewardship of these older homes, helping you to care for them, over time, by making such a project surprisingly affordable—with immediate rewards in the revitalized look and feel of your surroundings, and lasting ones in an always-sound investment.

This same restoration process is adapted for:

  • Window sills and frames
  • Interior doors, moldings, and baseboards
  • Mantels, stairs, and banisters
  • Any natural wood in your home