The Wood Doctor brings 25 years of experience to the art of restoring or refinishing your cabinets, floors, and other interior wood surfaces—and, in the Doctor’s seasoned hands, it is an art, one he’s taken pride in developing while competitors have come and gone. Chances are your wood doesn’t need to be replaced, it just needs the careful rejuvenating touch of The Wood Doctor. Restoring your existing cabinetry or wood floors not only makes excellent financial sense, as compared to replacing or refacing, it’s also better for the environment.

Wood Refinishing

Bringing Your Woodwork Back To Life

Our expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensures that you receive the highest level of satisfaction with your wood restoration project. And our Green products and processes make restoration a choice you can feel good about. Maybe you’re looking to simply restore the lost beauty of your kitchen cabinetry, or possibly update with a total color change. Want to restore those worn-down hardwood floors, or re-beautify tired moldings or baseboards, doors, window sills and frames? Whatever the project, The Wood Doctor has just the remedy to bring your wood back to life.