How to Keep your Hardwood Floors in Good Condition

There are several things you can do to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. Care must be taken with hardwood floors so you don’t scratch them and cause damage. Here are some things you can do to learn how keep your hardwood floors in good condition.

Use Felt Under the Heels and Legs of Furniture

One thing you can do is put some felt on the legs and heels of any furniture that you have on your hardwood floor. This will ensure that the floor doesn’t get scratch by the heavy furniture that will be there for a long time. There arе many felt packs you can buy that have different sizes or you can make your own and install them on your furniture. Some furniture piece may already have protection on the bottom of the legs but others won’t so make sure your floor is protected from scuffs and marks.

Use a Dolly and Towels to Move Furniture

One way you can learn how keep your hardwood floors in good condition is to make sure you use a furniture dolly and towels or moving blankets when you move furniture across the hardwood floor. This will ensure that there’s no scratches made on the floor as you’re moving the heavy objects. You can put rollers and other devices under furniture so it’s easier to move across the floor. If you’re moving and concerned about damaging the hardwood floor then you can hire a moving company as they have the tools to move furniture safely without damaging the floor.

Dusting and Sweeping

Only use mops and brooms that are designed for hardwood floors so you don’t damage the surface of the floor. Using a vacuum isn’t recommended as the vacuum is too hash for the wood and you can scratch it. Some vacuums do have hardwood floor attachments that can make is easier to clean the floor so you cаn use those but a regular vacuum isn’t recommended for your hardwood floor.


You can protect the floor with various finishes such as urethanes or polyurethanes, as well others. It’s to your advantage to put these on your floor or get someone do it for you to protect the wood from damage. Only use cleaners that are rated to work with those types of finishes. Your local home supply dealer can tell you what the best finish is for your floor to keep it looking its best.

No Harsh Cleaners

You can’t clean your floor with harsh cleaners as you’ll ruin both the finish and the wood with the cleaners. Only use wood cleaners that are designed for the floor so you can be sure that you won’t damage the floor in any way. Use soft cloths to mop up spills and pick up chunks of debris off the floor.




Be Sensible

Taking your shoes off at the door, and putting a rug near the floor can help to trap most of the dirt before it even gets onto the floor in the first place. Make sure you do periodic cleanings of the floor to keeping it looking great. Know that you know how keep your hardwood floors in good condition take care of your new floor and it will last a long time.