Emergency House Call – Wood Restoration

Dogs are, as they say, man’s best friend. But dogs are not always so friendly to wood Certainly not when they’ve been left alone and enclosed beyond their breaking point. The Wood Doctor received a call this month from some very upset dog- (and home-) owners. Their dog had been shut up in the laundry room while they were out, and its desperate attempts to scratch and claw its way back to freedom were drastically recorded in every cabinet. The damage was, in The Doctor’s medical terminology, huge. To make matters worse, the house was on the market; the owners, as stated, were frantic. Pet damage to wood is actually a pretty common occurrence, from an extreme case, like this one, to the accumulative kind that happens when claws meet wood, over and over, through time. And let’s not forget pet stains But I digress. The Wood Doctor was able to come in swiftly and sand down the cabinets, refinishing them to a healthy state of as-new and sale-ready luster. See for yourself ‘Before and After pictures are posted on our Facebook page. And if you like what you see, go ahead and Like us. We never mind a pat on the back. Our clients went from ‘very upset’ to ‘very happy’ when the wood was restored beyond their hopes or expectations, and the dog, so, restored into their good graces (and vice versa). A truly happy ending.