Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances is one of the most visited areas in your house and represents your style in many ways. Let The Wood Doctor bring your kitchen into the 21st century with our Kitchen Cabinet Painting services.

Our 25+ years of experience guarantees quick and efficient turnaround on any restoration or refinishing project. Kitchen Cabinet Painting is a great way to bring life back into your kitchen.

A few reasons to use The Wood Doctor:

  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Savings over other methods
  • Strong, lasting finish

Cabinet Painting Process

Customers today have several choices of finishes and a broad range of colors for their cabinets when considering painting. White is our most requested color, but many also choose a designer inspired color such as black or gray or some other color  that speaks to them about their space.

The painting process begins with the overall evaluation of your cabinets including items such as the current finish application and the preparation process needed to ready these the surfaces for painting. We will help you determine a recommended course of action and a product that is compatible with the surface of your cabinets. Also we take into account the level of quality, durability, service cycle, and items such as ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Cabinets can have a “Hand Brushed” or “Spray Applied Finish.” Customers can expect dedicated hand labor surrounding both the removal and installation of attached hardware items such as knobs, pulls, hinges, latches, drawer fronts and doors. All of these items need to be removed, marked and accounted for so they can be returned to their correct location when the painting process is complete.

The entire cabinet “Box” must be masked & sealed to prevent paint from entering the interior areas and contacting shelving and finished areas inside the cabinet box. Often our painting process dictates we remove the doors and drawer fronts and finish these items off site in a more controlled shop setting. Onsite painting and finishing occurs to the non-removable wall and base cabinets after careful masking and preparation of areas such as floors, walls, trim, counter tops, and ceilings. Rooms such as kitchens will need to have a sealed area established and remain in place during the painting and preparation process. Our painting expert also employs the use of HEPA filtered vacuums, and where indicated the use of a negative air machine or scrubber to help maintain a high quality indoor air level for your comfort. The actual paint process is a hand labor intensive process and includes cleaning, sanding, filling, priming, sanding again, painting (at least 2 coats) and a cure time prior to use. Cure times vary, and are important to the overall process as the finish needs to harden or cure before use so the finish is not damaged.

We then carefully remove and dispose of the masking materials at the end of the job.

The end result is a beautiful, revitalized kitchen. Ready for years of service and lasting enjoyment.


Vintage Home Restoration

We love the opportunity to do major restoration of older homes!

The metro Portland area is rich with fine vintage homes. The ample presence of wood in these houses—from doors and floors and built-in cabinetry to windowsills, banisters, baseboards and moldings—makes for a particular warmth and visual appeal that calls one back to earlier times when natural materials and real craftsmanship were valued over the more man-made aesthetics of today. When that wood is scratched and faded and the elegance of age has turned the corner to ‘seen its better days’, it’s hard to ignore. With expert care and an artisan’s respect, TWD will return a youthful shine to wood that has served you well; it’s where we can really kick into gear and restore not just a singular feature but the character, truly, of your entire home.

It’s a privilege to be part of this kind of transformation, unlocking the period beauty that pervades a place when tended to on this scale. We share in the stewardship of these older homes, helping you to care for them, over time, by making such a project surprisingly affordable—with immediate rewards in the revitalized look and feel of your surroundings, and lasting ones in an always-sound investment.

What The Wood Doctor Has To Offer:

  • Experts in restoring all interior wood work!
  • Eco friendly no strong odors or chemicals
  • Substantial Savings Over Other Methods
  • Professional and courteous service providers.
  • Free in-home estimates

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Wood Cabinet Restoration

Wood Cabinet Restoration

Wood Cabinet Restoration


"I chose The Wood Doctor because of the price and his years of experience. I am glad I did, the job was done quickly as promised and the finish is beautiful."- Patricia
"The Wood Doctor offers great value and a great (and green) alternative to buying new cabinets or other wood products. Stephen and his team were always on time, courteous, and cleaned up after each day’s work. Most importantly, they made sure we were very happy with the finished product. Their efforts did not cease until we were fully satisfied. Our cabinets, floors, wood dining table and wood trim mirrors look like new."- Eric
"We are getting ready to put our house on the market and felt our cabinets could use a “face lift”. We got two bids for the job before calling The Wood Doctor. Not only did the The Wood Doctor present the most affordable solution, but they were prompt and professional and made me feel comfortable having them in my home. The Wood Doctor completed the work in 3 days, cleaned up the house AND the garage (thank you Stephen and Loren!) and the cabinets look beautiful. I am recommending them to all my friends and neighbors, the are GREAT!"- Colleen

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Restoring Old Wood

 Restoring Old Wood

Do you need to restore old word? Doing this project yourself isn’t easy but here are some tips for restoring old word items in your home.


For every piece of furniture that you want to restore it’s important that the wood is as clean as possible before you restore it. Remove dust, oil, and dirt from the wood that has accumulated over the years in the furniture. A good cleaning might be all the wood really needs for it to look almost like new again. Use basic oil cleaners for this project which you can buy in nay home improvement store. Be sure to use a soft sponge or cloth for the job and use strokes that go against the grain of the wood. Allow your cleaner to dry before you wipe off with another clean cloth. You might need to do this several times depending on the state of the wood.

If wood cleaners don’t seem to work you can use some warm water and a bit of oil soap or detergent. Apply a bit at a time and rinse it off and dry it so the water doesn’t damage the wood. These are some of the A good cleaning is one of the first steps to restoring old wood so it looks like new again.

Common Problems That Require Restoration

  • Gouges and deep cracks that run down the wood
  • Dark spots showing through the finish
  • Sticky finish even after it has been cleaned
  • Finish is flaking off of the wood in spots
  • You want a new color in the furniture

Sometimes you might just want to retouch the wood to bring out the best in the furniture but sometimes you’ll be restoring old word fully it all depends upon what you want to do.


Restoring the entire finish is probably the biggest project that you might need to do. To complete this job you’ll need to remove the entire finish with a chemical stripper. You’ll need to use goggle and gloves for safety reasons as the chemicals are harsh. After the wood has been stripped a good sanding will leave it smooth and ready for the new finish to be applied.

Finding Experts

Sometimes restoring old wood might be too large of a project for you to do on your own such as a floor or other large project. You should look to experts to help you get the job done in the right one. Experts also have all the tool, techniques, and expertise to finish the job in the right way. If you do the project on your own you run the risk of making some mistakes as you work. Restoration experts will get the job done in the right way.

Look for companies that have been restoring wood for a long time and try to get some solid references from them. You want to make sure you find a company that can take on your project and has the knowledge to get the job done for you. Doing some solid research is recommended before you hire anyone to help you with restoring old wood furniture or floors.

How to Keep your Hardwood Floors in Good Condition

 How to Keep your Hardwood Floors in Good Condition

There are several things you can do to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. Care must be taken with hardwood floors so you don’t scratch them and cause damage. Here are some things you can do to learn how keep your hardwood floors in good condition.

Use Felt Under the Heels and Legs of Furniture

One thing you can do is put some felt on the legs and heels of any furniture that you have on your hardwood floor. This will ensure that the floor doesn’t get scratch by the heavy furniture that will be there for a long time. There arе many felt packs you can buy that have different sizes or you can make your own and install them on your furniture. Some furniture piece may already have protection on the bottom of the legs but others won’t so make sure your floor is protected from scuffs and marks.

Use a Dolly and Towels to Move Furniture

One way you can learn how keep your hardwood floors in good condition is to make sure you use a furniture dolly and towels or moving blankets when you move furniture across the hardwood floor. This will ensure that there’s no scratches made on the floor as you’re moving the heavy objects. You can put rollers and other devices under furniture so it’s easier to move across the floor. If you’re moving and concerned about damaging the hardwood floor then you can hire a moving company as they have the tools to move furniture safely without damaging the floor.

Dusting and Sweeping

Only use mops and brooms that are designed for hardwood floors so you don’t damage the surface of the floor. Using a vacuum isn’t recommended as the vacuum is too hash for the wood and you can scratch it. Some vacuums do have hardwood floor attachments that can make is easier to clean the floor so you cаn use those but a regular vacuum isn’t recommended for your hardwood floor.


You can protect the floor with various finishes such as urethanes or polyurethanes, as well others. It’s to your advantage to put these on your floor or get someone do it for you to protect the wood from damage. Only use cleaners that are rated to work with those types of finishes. Your local home supply dealer can tell you what the best finish is for your floor to keep it looking its best.

No Harsh Cleaners

You can’t clean your floor with harsh cleaners as you’ll ruin both the finish and the wood with the cleaners. Only use wood cleaners that are designed for the floor so you can be sure that you won’t damage the floor in any way. Use soft cloths to mop up spills and pick up chunks of debris off the floor.




Be Sensible

Taking your shoes off at the door, and putting a rug near the floor can help to trap most of the dirt before it even gets onto the floor in the first place. Make sure you do periodic cleanings of the floor to keeping it looking great. Know that you know how keep your hardwood floors in good condition take care of your new floor and it will last a long time.


Old Home Restoration

 Old Home Restoration

Looking to have old home restoration done? Restoration is a huge project that most people don’t really want to take on themselves. It’s easy to ruin a structure if you don’t know what you’re doing. An older home can have significant value so to preserve the value it’s always best to hire experts to do the old home restoration. Here’s what you need to look for before hiring anyone for your project.

Deciding What You Want

Before you hire anyone it’s important to decide how you want the home to look. Some people might want to change certain aspects of the old home while keeping other aspects of it. Others might want to completely change the entire home. This is all a preference but you need to make up your mind about how you want the home to look in the end after the old home restoration is complete. Take these things into consideration:

  • Does it need a new roof?
  • Do you plan to change the paint?
  • Are any rooms going to be changed or stay the same?
  • Does it need up-to-date appliances and electrical work?
  • Will things need to be changed to comply with current codes and regulations?
  • What is the budget going to be?7

Hiring Experts

Once you have some sort of plan drawn out of how you want the home to look. Then you can start to look for experts for this type of long project. You may decide to restore parts of the home at one time or you might be doing the entire thing all at once. Most people will probably restore a home a room at a time, especially if they are still living in the structure.

Make sure the contractor understands the needs you have when it comes to the old home restoration. If you don’t explain yourself clearly then the home isn’t going to look the way you want. The contractor will need to know all the details before they begin. You might pick out paint, flooring, and other things before they work or you can have them do it for you.

Searching Online

To find experts for a home restoration you can begin your search online. Look for companies that have been in business for a long time and arе in your local area.  Once you find a couple that you like then you can call them and set up appointments for them to view the home and give you some ideas on cost. Let them know your budget so they can estimate if that will be enough to cover the costs of doing the old home restoration. It’s always best to have some fund sin reserve as a project of this size is probably going to cost a lot of money to complete.


A contractor can cut corners and use inferior products but this is probably not best if you want the home to look great. Once you have worked out all the details with the contractor and receive some solid quotes then you can hire them for the work.


Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

Interested in hardwood floor installation? Having new floors installed isn’t an easy task. For most people they won’t want to tackle a job such as this one and will want an expert to help them. You don’t want to ruin a hardwood floor by doing this type of job yourself so experts are recommended

Finding the Proper Company
A hardwood floor installation is going to be easier if you hire the right company to do the job so before you do this you’ll need to conduct research. Before you begin decide what type of hardwood floor you are interested in and work out what the basic costs are going to be. Visit a home repair store such as Home Depot and see what they have to offer.
There are tons of different flooring options so it can be tough to make the right decision. You’ll probably want a shade of wood that matches your décor or at least goes along well with it. Consider taking a couple of pictures of your room and taking these along so you can compare what the wood looks like with the pictures. This can help you make a better decision when it comes to your hardwood floor installation options.

Testimonials and Reviews
Go online and look for reviews or testimonials of companies you want for your hardwood floor installation. The more testimonials and reviews you can find the easier it’s going to be to make your final decision and find the right company. Visit forums and ask others their options on the company. View the website of the installation companies and make sure you read about everything that they offer. Videos and image of their work can be helpful in your final decision. Never choose a company without doing some good research before you hire them.

Be sure you pick a company that has years of experience with installing hardwood floors. It might be tempting to go with a lesser known company with less experience but you want your floor so go with long-established experts for the best results. You can of course go with whatever company you want but experienced companies are usually better unless the recommendations form friends or family can be trusted. See if anyone can show you the floor they had done as this can give you a good idea of the quality.

Before you settle on any hardwood floor installation company be sure you get quotes form them about the cost of the work and the estimated time until it’s going to be completed. Never agree to something unless you get it in writing. Make sure the company has the proper insurance and other paperwork required before the work begins. Get some assurances that the work with get completed on time and within the budget. Communicate as much as possible with the contractor so you get the results you’re after.
Research Pays
Before any Hardwood floor installation do the research and pick the best company for your needs. The more you research the better you’ll like the end result.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

 Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Looking to have kitchen cabinet installation? Remodelling a kitchen can take a great of money as well as time. You should never attempt this job unless you’re prepared for it. Often it’s much easier to hire professionals to do the work for you. Here are some things you need to look for before you hire anyone for your kitchen cabinet installation.

Check the Store for Ideas
Visit your local hardware store or home design dealer such as Home Depot and have a look around at what they have to offer. By visiting these places you’ll get some ideas as to how you want your kitchen to eventually look like once the work is done. If you want you can sketch out some designs and make notes about what you’re looking for. You can give these ideas to your contractor that you hire so they understand what it is that you want.

By doing some research before you hire anyone you will increase the chance that you’re going to be satisfied and enjoy your new cabinets for years to come. Take a good amount of time to decide what you want before you hire anyone. Look at different kitchen cabinet installation ideas and see which ones interest you.

Research the Company
Another large part of having kitchen cabinet installation is to search for a company to work with you. Some home design dealers such as Home Depot can do this for you and save you the hassle of searching for a contractor but you’ll probably wan to do this yourself and find the people that are right for you. Most contractors have websites so look around and see some of the designs they have completed. Watch for testimonials, read articles, and view nay videos they have so you get a good idea of what they can offer you when it comes to your new kitchen cabinet installation.

Don’t be in a rush to hire anyone right away do the required research first so you don’t end up being disappointed. You may be able to meet people on home design stores who can give you some ideas as to who to hire and you may meet a contractor or two as well. Visit forums and chat rooms in your local area and see if anyone there knows of a good contractor for kitchen cabinet installation. If you know anyone who has work done ask what there impression were of the contractor they used. The whole idea is to just get the right company for your needs and you can’t do this without solid research. Going out and hiring any old contractor isn’t in your best interest.

Quotes and Insurance
Make sure you get solid quotes for a company before you hire them. Get all the paperwork you need and have anything you agree to in writing so you can cover yourself. Ask to see credentials and references and make sure the company has the right insurance. These are all prudent steps before you have kitchen cabinet installation done in your home.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why So Green?

It’s important to us to minimize our environmental impact, and we’re proud to be recognized as a Green-certified company. We use eco-friendly, waterborne products and non-toxic chemicals – plus, because we’re restoring rather than replacing existing wood, we’re saving trees and not contributing to the landfill.

If your cabinets are still structurally sound, there really isn’t any reason to replace them—certainly not a financially sound one, when replacing cabinets can cost upwards of $30,000 and tie up your kitchen for up to a month. Restoration is a perfect and easy choice for bringing life and luster back to your worn and tired cabinets, with limited downtime and at a price of generally less than $2000.

No, refinishing is a separate process which requires stripping off the old finish right down to bare wood. Dramatic color changes can then be made because the raw wood is like a clean slate inviting the shade you’ve always wanted. We custom design our colors with your input so we can be sure to match to your ideal color. A somewhat more extensive process, refinishing can truly revitalize or even transform the look and feel of an entire room.

You will be pleasantly surprised that part of the job is leaving your home just as we found it—except for the revitalized beauty of your wood cabinets or floors. We take our time to carefully mask off the ‘work’ area of your home and thoroughly clean up after the project is completed. With our floor sanding process we use a special dust-containment system which vacuums out 98% of the dust released.

For one thing, because we restore or refinish your interior wood rather than replace it, our philosophy is one of reuse—which both saves trees and keeps us from contributing to the landfill. As a Green-certified company, we care about our impact on the environment and select our practices and products to make that impact as little as possible. Towards that end, we recycle 80% of our waste, and use all waterborne products—no harsh chemicals or bad smells for your home or beyond.

You can save literally thousands of dollars when you choose to re-beautify your existing wood. Replacing your cabinets is a $30,000-plus project—and refacing will cost anywhere between $8,000 and 12,000. Restoration generally costs under $2000, a bargain any way you look at it.

Yes. We use the same heavy-duty, long-lasting UV-protected waterborne polyurethane finish for both restoring and refinishing your wood floors.

You’ll be walking on your floors within 3 to 4 hours after the final coat of finish has been applied, though you should allow only stocking feet for the first 72 hours of ‘cure’ time.

Most cabinet-restoration projects are completed in 1 to 2 days, depending on the size of the job. To have your wood refinished with a new color can take from 3 to 5 days, again depending on the individual job. Contrast these with the entire month that cabinet replacement entails—and, yes, that’s one month without the use of your kitchen—or the 2 to 3 weeks it takes to reface.

The Wood Doctor has 25 years’ experience restoring wood to its original warmth and beauty. We are licensed and bonded as well as Green-certified, and are highly rated on both Service Magic and Angie’s List. We have an old-fashioned craftsman’s philosophy of really caring about—and taking pride in—the work we do. Please take a moment to read through our customer testimonials.

No. Because we use new-technology water-borne finishes, there are no strong or toxic odors. These products are better for the environment while saving you the time, money, and inconvenience of having to leave your home.

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