A Beautiful Craftsman’s Bungalow

We finished a wonderful project recently—wonderful because of the setting and the scope, really the combination of the two. Remember when turn-of-the century meant into the 20th century? Well that it was (what some of us have to remind ourselves to call ‘turn of the 20th century’), a beautiful old Craftsman’s bungalow in the Alberta Arts district, here in Portland, Oregon. The interior wood was a lovely aged fir—and it was extensive, everything from a built-in china cabinet to doors and door and window frames, the stairway and banisters, and the 7-inch baseboard and moldings which wind their ways throughout the house. What was amazing was that, throughout the century, none of this wood had ever been painted over, it was all still in its natural state, and there’s just something about the presence of that much interior wood—it really makes itself felt, brings the hush and sanctity of the forest, if you will, into and characterizes a living space. Gorgeous. The Wood Doctor loved restoring all this woodwork to its original beauty, revitalizing to seeming-new what felt like a little bit of architectural history and effecting transformation on this larger and more thorough scale. The owners were very pleased as well.